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Toys for newborn?

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    yuukalim0404 is offline Registered User
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    Toys for newborn?

    My bb is 3 weeks old and quite active in the daytime. Sometimes after nursing, she does not sleep and tends to stay awake or look around. I wonder it is necessary to buy her some toys at this early stage or does anyone have some recommendations?

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    Neha is offline Banned
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    mobile above the cot can help

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    LeahH is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2007
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    For very young babies, black and white pictures hanging above them. It can be as simple as whte cards with designs drawn in black pen, or my baby loved black and white photos of family members (and the dog) smiling hung from her playmat.

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    shoni is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2007

    I drew dots, checks, stripes and things on white card with black marker. My LO loves them. I have them by the changing mat and everytime she's there she turns to look at them.
    We were also given a panda bear which she loves to look at.
    Other than those we just talk and sing and pull silly faces.
    My LO is also not so sleepy during the day, she's been like that since day 1, she is now 2 months. It's very difficult to stay motivated to play with them when they are this young as they don't interact much.

    Best of luck

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    capital is offline Banned
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    The best toy your child has is you, it is your face and intereacting with her (sing talk etc) she will get more enjoyment out of than anything

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    bekyboo44 is offline Registered User
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    Was just about to say the same as Capital, at 3 weeks the best thing is talking to her, singing to her- you can just walk around the house pointing things out, or take a short walk outside and do the same.
    I get my toddler to talk to and play with his 2 month old sister and she seems to love that the most!

    A playmat is always useful ( we have a tiny love mat available at B2B, Eugene Club) and even new babies seem to enjoy watching the hanging toys. They won't stay on it for long at 3 weeks but will gradually stay on it and play for longer.

    Music is a good idea- classical, or you can play cd's with children's songs, and sing along, and do the feel a bit silly when they are this age because they don't interact, but they do after awhile!

    Reading- reading experts agree that you should start reading to a baby from birth. Chose short stories, with lots of bright pictures.

    Toys wise I would recommend anything by Tiny Love or Lamaze (learning curve)- anything that makes a noise, and is brightly coloured. At 3 weeks they won't interact with the toy, but will watch it, albeit for a very brief moment ( can be as little as seconds).

    You could also try actions games that involve your baby-e.g. 'This little piggy went to market' (with her toes), or 'Round and Round the garden,' (can do on soles of feet or palms of her hand).

    You could also buy a rocking chair for baby and put her in that while you do things around the hse, and explain to her what you are doing as you do them.

    You can buy Baby Einstein dvds but it's probably a bit soon to get your LO addicted to TV just yet, plenty of time for that later :) I'm not a big fan of the Baby Einstein dvds- not sure what all the fuss is about.

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