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Weaning from BF to formula

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    AussieMum is offline Registered User
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    Dear Tracy Nicole and Sucellia

    When I was weaning, all the health professionals advised me to drop one feed as well every three days (or better, drop one feed a week). Basically, the slower you can do this, the more comfortable you will feel. Drop the last feed of the day last, so that you go to bed the most comfortable. Tracy Nicole - I also had a friend that was heading back to work, but she didn't want to really drop breast feeding all together. She is successfully breast feeding her son first in the morning, and last at the end of the day. He has formula during the day with his carer. She finds this still best for her and bubs, so I think this can work as well.

    Sucillia, Not sure if this helps but I had major issues weaning my six month old from breast to bottle. When I finally did, I used some of the following techniques:
    1) combination of breast and fomula in the bottle (say 75% breast milk and 25% formula, and then gradually increase the formula)
    2) I am not sure if you can get them here in HK, but in Australia I used a Nuk bottle, these are aparently as close to the shape of a nipple as you can get;
    3) I also tried a number of different formulas but it was the Nan HA that worked for me, as I was told it tastes closer to breast milk than others;
    4) I read something that said talk to them before you give them the bottle, tell them what you are doing. The key is to keep the bottle in their mouth, even if they are carrying on. If they really don't want it, they will sook, similar to when they are young and don't want to go to bed. Try and pretend to ignore them. After 5 weeks of trying to give my girl various formulas and bottles at every feed, this technique worked for me. I put the bottle in her mouth, she sooked and sooked, and I left it in there, and pretended to watch TV, not her. After 5 minutes she began drinking, and for the first time, she drank 200 mls.

    Some people say 'just don't give them the breast at all and soon they will take the milk'. I would not recommend this as you don't want to dehydrate bubs, just try and be firm.

    I am not a health professional, but I did think that you can give full cream cows milk from 12 months. I could be wrong.

    Anyway, hope this helps, good luck to you both!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sucellia View Post
    I am just afraid my son might not get enough nutrition or missing out something because I stop BF and not giving formula (because he does not take any).
    Dear Sucellia,

    Once your baby is 12 months old it is fine to give cow's milk - so you don't need to worry about formula at all.

    Also remember that there is nothing in milk that can't be got from other foods. So if you son doesn't like milk it is fine not to give it. Indeed there is a school of thought that believes children who are allergic or have some other problem with milk will refuse to drink it - so it may be that insisting that a child who doesn't like milk drink it is not a good idea.

    Milk is a very convenient food as it has lots of nutrition in it but as I said you can get everything in milk from other sources.

    I think that the Milk Marketing Boards around the world have done a brilliant job with their advertising. Everyone seems to think that milk is an essential food (even the doctors). But in fact it isn't. I believe that the quantities some older babies drink is much too high. When you compare the amount a breastfeed child drinks with formula fed babies it is clear to me that many formula fed babies are drinking too much milk.

    Best wishes,
    La Leche League Leader

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    Dear Sucellia, do you have to stop breastfeeding to become pregnant again? I heard some moms can get pregnant even while breastfeeding?

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    Sucellia is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    Hi, noc

    Actually, quite few of my mum friends got pregnant while they were still breastfeeding the 1st one.

    I want to stop breastfeeding because of 2 reasons.

    1. My son is 13 months now and start losing interest in BF.
    (Sometime I do not BF him, but it does not bother him at all.)
    So I feel like it might be a good timing to start the process of stop BF.

    2. Yes, I want to try for No.2!

    So I am not thinking to stop BF only for trying to get pregnant.


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    Sucellia is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    Hi, LLL_Sara and Ausiemum

    Thanks for your reply and information.
    I decided NOT to give him follow-on formula and introduce cow's milk after the Melamine issue is settled (I know many of the milks are safe but just feeling overwhelmed with all the news and information and I want to be careful with milk related products at this moment.) Mean time, I will continue
    to BF him twice a day (morning and night) but drop aftenoon BF.

    Anyway, thanks again!


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