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Newborn with white tongue

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    Newborn with white tongue

    I am breastfeeding exclusively. My baby is almost 4 weeks old and since around 2 weeks she had a white tongue.
    I tried using a wet towel with cooled boiled water to clean that with my finger but its difficult as she refuse to open her mouth much.
    I wonder if this is alright to leave it alone or is it thrush? I also have develop sore and cracked nipples with pain on one side and I am concerned if this is some form of thrush infection as well.
    Any advice/similar experience will be appreciated, thanks

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    I would suspect its a trush. Go and see the PD.

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    AndreaY is offline Registered User
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    my breastfed babies both had white coating on their tongues at around that age, I used sterilised gauze wrapped around my finger to clean and after a few times the white coating went away. I found it easier than a towel cos it's much thinner and hence it was not as big a thing to stick inside their mouths. As for thrush, do you have white discharge from your nipples? or are they just in pain from the breastfeeding?

    I had the same worry too then, cos mine were also hurting a bit, but when the white coating went, I knew it was not thrush. But if you think it is, you should see your doc.

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    bekyboo44 is offline Registered User
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    My 2 month old daughter is also b/f and she has the same white tongue after she feeds, its usually gone by itself by the time her next fed comes around. I assumed it's just milk.

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    Jojo is offline Registered User
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    My daughter was breastfed and she had it for months. And suddenly all of a sudden it was gone. I would say rule out the thrush first but if it's not, I wouldn't worry about it. Mad one or two attempts to clean it with a wet cotton bud but it didn't help. It will go eventually.

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