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Melamine in Mainland Milk Powder Updates

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    Healthy Times Organic Baby Cereal Safe

    Healthy Times Baby Cereal is safe and organic. Because it is certified organic and made in the U.S.A. and does not contain any dairy, no eggs, no allergens, it is a very safe and healthy product. Because of the demand, some stores are sold out of it, but more is coming. This line is the best out on the market. It also contains iron, vitamins and minerals for healthy growth and development. Made by a mother for mothers. It has been baby's favorite for 28 years and is available world wide. Great product!!!

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    found in 2 HK products now

    more info to be released tomorrow

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    can i ask, what happens when adults consumed products that contain melamine? For babies, we now know it'll affect their kidneys, but does the same apply to adults? So worried to know there're so many products found to be "unsafe" and potentially so many more to be "discovered" cos there're so many products that contains diary!

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    Does anyone know if Nestle rice cereals are alright?

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    I have no technical knowledge of this issue but can answer your question based upon what I have read in the newspapers. Apparently melamine has the same toxicity as table salt. The reason it is so bad for babies is because their renal systems are not yet robust enough to deal with it. This is why you should not use salt and pepper when cooking food for young babies.

    Adults would need to eat A LOT of table salt to get sick which I why I have heard reports that you would need to consume 10 packs of M&M's per day in order for there to be any impact. Frankly, if you were eating 10 packs of M&M's per day you would have bigger problems than your melamine levels - try morbid obesity, diabeties etc!

    As I say, I have just based this answer on what has been in the newspapers and I am happy to be corrected but anyone who has looked into things more thoroughly.

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    I had been drinking the Megniu UHT milk, which was found to have melamine, for over 2 years. I consumed about a half carton a day. I am also 8 months pregnant. Needless to say i threw away all of my unopened ones and switched.

    But nowhere is there any advice for pregnant women who have been consuming it, and the free government check centers are for children under 12. Not adults, and not fetuses.

    I asked about it on my last check up and my doctor said i would have to consume a lot more for it to affect me, and probably not the baby. Probably. She said of course no studies have been done yet on the unborn babies.
    She said i could have an ultrasound. I did in fact have one a few weeks ago, but forgot to ask. I suppose they would have seen anything odd.

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