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Caffeine and Breastfeeding

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    Caffeine and Breastfeeding

    Has anyone drank coffee, tea etc and baby has obvious reaction to these? And how much did you drink?

    Usually I drink a cup of tea (english tea bag) in the morning and baby seems fine. However, yesterday we went out to chinese resturant and I drank like 5-6 cups?of chinese tea ( small chinese cups) while breastfeeding at 1pm. When we came home, from 3pm till last night 10pm, she refused to sleep when put to bed, was crying hard and fussing and ony managed to sleep when we carried her around.( but to wake up after a short while too) Also she seemed especially hungry, was cluster feeding every hr from 3-9pm where usually she feeds 2-3hrs interval, sleeping in between. Finally out of desperation, I feed her 4.5oz EBM at 11pm ( I was totally exhuasted, drained and out of milk by then) She finally slept at 12am after carrying and rocking.

    I am a tea lover and has already cut down on my daily drinking drastically(1 cup) whereas pre-preggie I was on 4-5 regular cups a day. Yesterday was a first time I had such a terrible experience. I will love to hear other experience from Mummys and advice if I should totally give up my beloved tea...

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    If you have a look at this thread:
    Spicy food while breast feeding?

    LLL_Sarah posted some info on caffeine and breastmilk recently.

    Have you tried the decafinated tea bags?


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    I have coffee and tea during the whole 8 months (1st daughter) and 1 yr (2nd) breastfeeding durations, not excessive, maybe 1 coffee a day or a couple of tall glasses of ice tea. Even have the occasional glass of wine when it's a nice dinner. My kids were not affected by it.

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    how old is your baby?
    she might have just been overstimulated from the noisy chinese restaurant?

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