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Depressed...Expressed milk via bottle or feed direct???

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    The things to try to help your baby nurse with a forceful let-down are to use positions where the baby's head is above your breast. So positions like you lying flat on your back and the baby on top or the baby sitting up on your knee or the straddle position.

    It can also help it you limit the baby to just one side for a set number of hours.
    i.e. from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon feed on the left
    from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm feed on the right
    from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm feed on the left. etc.

    It doesn't matter how many times the baby feeds during the time segments but always use the side according to the timetable.

    It is not advisable to leave one side for six hours. I think most new mothers would have a problem feeding after such a break.

    If you find that you are too full on the other side then express or pump until you are comfortable again. I usually suggest hand expressing because it is a bigger chore than pumping and so you are likely to stop as soon as you are comfortable. Whereas with a pump you could easily express too much milk out. You want to stop as soon as you are comfortable otherwise you are telling your body to increase the amount of milk it is making and so increase the problem.

    It doesn't really matter how much your baby actually drinks in ounces it is what she does with the milk that is important. If she is gaining well then you are doing the right thing and she is getting the right amount of milk (whatever amount that is).

    I would forget about burping your baby and just let her sleep after the feed. The reason we burp babies is to stop them crying after we put them down. But if your baby is unhappy and crying with the burping - what have you saved? And you never know your baby might be really happy without burping - many are.

    Remind your mother-in-law that when you breastfeed you are giving your baby two things - food and antibodies. Maybe your baby isn?t hungry when she asks for a feed - maybe she's just come across a germ and what she really wants is more antibodies.

    If you have thrush make sure that both you and the baby are treated. If only you are the baby is likely to give you it again and again.

    I would recommend that you join La Leche League meetings and meet some other breastfeeding mothers and fin out how they solved problems. Diane Wiessinger has a nice article about what to expect at the meeting,

    Best wishes,

    La Leche League Leader

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    i second joining the LLL meetings if time allow. It gives so much emotional suport & knowing that you're not the only one bfeeding is such a great feeling!

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