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HELP!! Mixing info for Hohoemi Japanese Baby Formuls

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    HELP!! Mixing info for Hohoemi Japanese Baby Formuls

    Hi, I am wondering if someone could help me. I am a looking for mixing instuctions for Hohoemi Baby Formula. It is in Japanese and can not read the instructions on the can. If someone uses this brand could you please provide me with the following:

    For both powder and cubes:

    mixing instructions (cubes/scoops) per ml/oz

    what the size of each cube/scoop (this is usually at the bottom of the can).

    And if there is some reference to how many grams are in a tsp/tbsp.

    This would really help.

    Are the cubes double (two together) or single?

    That is it. I appreciate the help.

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    Hi, I do not use formula for my baby but I have it as "just in case" back up. What I have is Hohoemi Cube.

    Each individual package contains 4 cubes (each cube looks like 2 blocks) and it is equialent of 160ml formula milk. It means each cube = 2 blocks = 40ml.

    I hope this helps.

    If you really have difficult time, I can check the size of each scoop for powder formula when I go to shopping next time (possibly tomorrow).


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