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a good start?

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    Lightbulb a good start?

    Our new helper starts in a few weeks and I was wondering if you have any advice about how to make the best possible start?

    I understand that I need to think about all the things I would like her to do in terms of daily and weeekly tasks, and go through the process of teaching her how to cook the things my child is used to.

    Do you think I should write a job description?
    Keep it less formal?
    Agree a general working timetable which we are both happy with?

    What worked for you (or didn't)?

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    i would keep it less formal.

    don't forget things that need to be done on a less regular basis, for example cleaaning the air cons etc.

    i would definitely go through what you want done everyday, every couple of days, weekly, monthly etc.

    for example, for us, vacuuming and washing the floor doesn't need to be done everyday, unless the kids make a mess and there are crumbs everywhere. we have 4 bathrooms, i don't expect her to clean everyone top to bottom every day, rather, i'd rather she rotate them, clean this one today, that one tomorrow etc.

    i like my sheets changed at a minimum every week. i want the clothes to be washed ONLY when there is a full load. i like my towels dried in the dryer, not hung to dry. we have VERY few things that need ironing, so she very rarely irons.

    i don't mind if she cooks more for dinner tonight and we have left overs for lunch or even for dinner tomorrow.

    it's these kinds of things that you need to figure out. you also need to show her how YOU like things cleaned.

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    What is important to each family can be quite different.
    I found it helped to write a list of things eg. what I'd like done daily, weekly, when she has time, how certain appliances work etc.
    My helper loved it, because it meant she didn't have to worry about forgetting things or needing to ask questions over and over.

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    Before our helper started, I had intended to make out a timetable for her to follow, but like many good intentions, it's gone by the wayside.

    I think it also depends on your helper - and the timing of her arrival. In our case, we hired her to start with us several months before I gave birth - so she was able to do more of the housework before the baby came. She is also somewhat forgetful, so we often have to remind her about cleaning certain things.

    Afterwards, when the baby came, we were clear that he would be her priority, and we prefer that she spends time with the baby rather than do housework, so we've been quite lax on that part.

    Especially since my son is not on a strict schedule and his waking hours tend to fluctuate so it's hard for her to stick to a timetable. I work so she is home alone with him during the weekdays and (sadly) seems to knows him better than me, so I figured rather than have me impose a schedule on her, it would be better for her to work out a timetable that works for both of them.

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    i wouldn't give an actual time table, rather i would go through with her what you want done every day. that way, she can structure her day to suit her and also so that she can get everything done.

    also, if you have a baby on the way, remember that things will change once baby is around.

    i WOULD tell her what time you want meals served or children bathed etc, but other than that, it is probably easier for her to arrange her own day.

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