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Do babies/toddlers need calcium pills?

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    hunhun_l is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2007
    hong kong

    Do babies/toddlers need calcium pills?

    My cousin is giving his baby one baby pill per day, she is just 5 months old. Doctors here say babies won't need them. I'm just wondering whether these pill help?

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    bekyboo44 is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2006
    Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

    I don't see why you would need to give calcium pills- as long as baby is drinking enough milk.

    I could see why you might need to give them to a toddler or child, if you couldn't get them to drink much milk but most toddlers I know love milk, includ. my son, so not a problem.
    Diet can always be supplemented with calcium rich foods, includ. cheese, yoghurt, leafy green vegetables and sesame.

    It's obviously very imp. for babies and toddlers to have enough calcium (growing bones) but that's why they drink milk!

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    miaka is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2006
    Chai Wan

    if the baby is getting enough milk at that age, i (personally, but i'm not a doctor) wouldn't see a need for it. in fact i would be concerned that too much calcuim would inhibit the absorbtion of other nutrients.

    i agree w/ bekyboo44 that for a toddler, calcium can be supplemented w/ calcium rich foods.

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