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Hormone Imbalance Doctor

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    tstmum is offline Registered User
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    Consultation fee with Lucy Lord when I was pregnant was around $850, including the ultrasound. I don't know what a standard gynae visit would be.

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    MLBW Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by anca View Post
    HI again,
    I wasn't aware that it was exclusive as that isn't my thing. He does deal with diabetics, but many hormonal imbalances which cause infertility are linked to insulin resistance which seemed to be my issue. I wasn't referred to him for diabetes, but he helped. The receptionists are a little bit inaccessible so you may want to ask for him to call you. Hope it helps!
    Thanks Anca,

    We called but the receptionists would not give us any other contact information for him--e mail or another number besides the receptionist desk--they said I had to come in and see him first. However, I am in the States right now. If I can find a good doctor who has experience dealing with this in HK I am willing to come back to HK to be treated--otherwise I need to stay a couple extra months in the States--have already been away from my husband for almost 8 weeks now so It would be 16 weeks altogether for me to be fully examined here. I simply wanted to ask him a few questions but the receptionists couldn't understand that. They just kept saying, "Make an appointment and come in and see him." Hmmm.....that won't work now, will it? :0)

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    MLBW Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tstmum View Post
    Consultation fee with Lucy Lord when I was pregnant was around $850, including the ultrasound. I don't know what a standard gynae visit would be.
    Thanks TST Mum. I'd like to keep to a doctor whose higher consultation fee is 700 HKD or below. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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    MLBW Guest

    Oh, just a note. I am not particularly seeking treatment for infertility. I have had no problems with infertility and was able to conceive quite rapidly (within one cycle after going off of the pill in 2007). I am seeking treatment for a flux in progesterone which causes a really severe form of PMS called PMTD which I have suffered with since I was 16-years-old. Basically, I am physically wiped out for approximately half of every single month. My guess is that since so many women require fertility treatments in order to conceive, that HK should have quite a few fertility doctors available and that might be my best bet. :0)

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    MLBW Guest

    Maybe the correct term for the type of doctor I am looking for is a Reproductive Endocrinologist?

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    clowe77 is offline Registered User
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    Hi MLBW!!

    Sorry for the late reply - I just read this thread!

    Your last terminology is absolutely correct. My RE was Dr Philip Ho who is not only a fertility "expert" (as helped many many women in HK conceive including me!) but a certified RE AND has his own private practice called the Women's Wellness Center (or something like that) located in Central. I am sure he's your man. I had a hormonal imbalance problem which prevented me from having regular cycles... also the hormone which causes womens' follicles to reach fulll maturity and release an egg was not strong enough in me, so he gave me GonalF plus an HCG shot to make me ovulate and BAM I got pregnant on the first cycle of treatments with him (this, after several failed cycles on Clomid, which had been making me borderline psychotic... just ask my poor husband!).

    Anyway, please try him and let me know how it goes... He's wonderful. Not the most chatty guy in the world but calm, patient and extremely knowledgable. His nurse Kelly is wonderful - warm and super friendly and knows her stuff!!

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    MLBW Guest

    Hi Clowe77,

    Thanks for your reply. As I mentioned before, my issue is not fertility at all--I had no problem getting pregnant--went off the pill and was pregnant within the next cycle (unplanned...ugh!).

    My issue is PMDD which I have had problems with for over 10 years. Right now I am consulting with a doctor in the States as well as a natural family planning (NFP) instructor as I've been charting my cycles for about 8-9 months now. It is likely that my issue is one with progesterone and I may need to receive a week's worth of hormone supplementation (estrogen, progesterone or HCG, depending on what ratios they find in the bloodtests). These all must be administered after I ovulate--which fortunately for me, I know because I chart my cycles faithfully.

    Anyway, I am not really interested in taking any type of synthetic hormones and have been advised that there are natural alternatives out there. So, right now I'm searching for a Reproductive Endocrinologist that can work with the specialists I'm working with here in the States once I return to HK.

    Does Dr. Ho have an e mail address I can contact him through that you know of? I would just like to ask him a few basic questions about his approach and explain my situation further so I can decide if he might be the right guy.

    Thanks again for the recommendation!

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