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hand weights

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    hand weights

    hi. I need some little hand weights to do some DVD workouts from home and i have no idea where i might find them. Am hoping someone on here might know to save me searching aimlessly around town


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    MLBW Guest

    What size of weight do you need? If you only need smaller 2 pound hand weights I got mine at the Jusco $10 Store--they often have things like that. They also have a special type of hand weight that is also a waterbottle--so you fill it with water (it is meant more for runners--who can run with them and then drink the water to rehydrate) and that determines the weight.

    I know that there are several Jusco $10 stores around Hong Kong. The one that comes to mind is right next to Wing On in Sheung Wan--close to the Western Market. It's on a corner and the shop is in the basement, I think. There are other ones that people can recommend to you.

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