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Help!My baby behaviour is driving me crazy!

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    Help!My baby behaviour is driving me crazy!

    My 13 months old baby boy throws everything on the floor.Whenever he is finish with that item, or he is not interested in that thing he would throw it away very hard,including bottles, food, toys, sometimes he would throw them hard to other ppl around him including me. I told him many times to stop but he would just keep on doing it! I had to bring 5 water bottles with me everytime when we go out coz he just keep on throwing them away. This morning he didnt want to drink his milk, I put away the bottle and he kept pointing to it so I gave it to him and immediately he threw it away, I got really upset and I hit him real hard on his hands which was the first time I ever hit him. It was so heartbreaking when I saw my red finger prints on his hands.....I really dont know how should i stop this behaviour of his. Please advice!

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    hi my son is 2 yr old now he do the same thing in that age, its quite normal, don't worry about this they only drop things to hear the noise it made.our curious little dont get angry just tell him dont drop or throw things, he will know by the time .and after this phase a time when he drop/throw things to see what reactions will u make so give a clam reaction...

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