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Allergy testing - where?

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    mommybee is offline Registered User
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    I heard that skin prick test is not as accurate as a blood test. I also have a son at 10 months old with food allergy and I have been thinking of brining him to do a blood test. I heard of a place call HKBioTek. They send the blood to a lab in the US to get them tested. The only thing that I'm worried about is that they don't have a resident doctor and all the process are handle by a licensed technician. Did anybody bring their LOs to do a blood test instead of a skin prick test?

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    putput is offline Registered User
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    Thanks all.

    I'm going to see Dr Adrian Wu tomorrow. I have to admit I am nervous about my daughter being uncomfortable and crying from having her skin scratched that many times with Adrian and I was looking into the US Biotek option but I need a quick fix! She's suffering alot. I went to a well baby clinic today and the doctor agreed the reaction was severe. Even though I knew it, it helped to have a doctor say it so you know it's not just in your head...if that makes any sense!!!

    I've also heard the skin prick test isn't as reliable as a blood test and I read elsewhere that sometimes Dr Wu overanalyses. If that's the case, i'd rather eliminate more than necessary than see my baby girl go through what she has just endured. Just hope he doesn't miss anything out though.

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    mel_g20 is offline Registered User
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    When my son was tested by Dr Wu, he made sure he covered off as many options as possible, to avoid us having to do it again. A nurse administered the tests and she was very kind. I am sure they will be very gentle. Given the severity of your daughters reactions I think you are doing the best thing. Taking blood from a baby is not painless either.

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    sprawld is offline Banned
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    My LO did a blood test but and it seems that he is allergic to egg white but doctors have told me that blood tests for babies below the age of 1 is not all that reliable.. My LO is still rather sensitive to a lot of things and I still have not been able to pin it down on anything concrete..

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    ELT is offline Registered User
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    Hi sprawld, your son may outgrow some of the allergies he's having today. My boy had some nasty reaction to eggs at 9 months - swollen eyes, flare ups, vomit, cried whole night. He couldn't tolerate even tiny bit of egg yolk. At 2 yrs, he can eat eggs both white and yolk however can't tolerate raw eggs yet. Good luck with yours.

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    lioralourie is offline Registered User
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    You can begin giving probiotics straight away, anyway, even before testing, in the case of eczema and other atopia symptoms. Severe Eczema in infants is almost always due to gut flora imbalances. The gut flora of someone that young is affected by

    1) birth (colonization by the flora of the mother at vaginal birth, or poor colonization via ceserean, if vag birth and mother has a yeast problem or imbalances herself this might reflect in baby's gut flora as well)
    2) antibiotic use (obviously alters gut flora negatively)
    3) formula use (when looked at in large groups, breastfed babies have much more beneficial flora and fewer E Coli growth etc. than formula fed babies; studies looking at health differences in groups often have a cutoff of no more than one formula bottle per week - or is it every two weeks, I forget- to be considered breastfed, so strong is the influence of formula on gut flora)

    just some considerations. There are lots of good probiotic formulations at We like the shelf stable Jarrow EPS type with 8 strains, none of them are strep.


    Moderator, BOCA
    Beijing Organic Consumers' Association

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