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Experiences after going off the pill

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    babymoo is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2008


    hi again
    tks for yr reply! so quickly! i only started the chinese tablets around 5 days now. doc told me to try it for 3-6 months!! but my english doc - told me to try anti biotics but that would take a long time to work! and in the past before i took the pill i tried anti biotics - didnt really work! so i might as well try chinese medience!

    i dont actually get much pain.. only the usual period pain on 1-2 days of period!

    good luck:yeah2

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    pinkballerina is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2007
    Hong Kong

    Hi Babymoo,

    Thanks for all your feedback. I hope you have success with the chinese medicine. I agree that it's definitely worth a try and much more natural than antibiotics. I am actually thinking of maybe trying accupuncture myself.

    I'm the same as you though, I don't get much pain other than minor pain on the first day of my period so I guess that's why the mid cycle pain was so unusual for me.

    Anyway, good luck with everything!! Keep me posted on how it's all going :-)

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    Hi there,

    I was on the pill on and off for about 14 years before stopping it to try for a baby. I also experienced mid-cycle pain, sometimes to the point where I thought I had appendicitis! It took a long time for my cycle to settle but I felt much better after about 6 months and was pregnant about a year after stopping. Before I fell pregnant I read a book called "Taking Charge of Your Fertility," by Toni Weschler ( and I found it really helpful.

    Good luck with it all.

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