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Confess your sins, ladies :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by wanfamily View Post
    Also all for the germs building up the immune system. Used to steralize everything for the first. The latest one is lucky if his teether gets a wipe before I hand it back to him. He hasn't been sick once yet.. fingers crossed..
    I am not even ashamed that I don't sterilize everything--and I never did even from the beginning and my son has been sick one time in 11 months!

    A good friend who has 7 children told me when my son was born, "Right now, every time his pacifier gets dropped you will boil it in hot water to disinfect it but before long, you'll just give it to the dog to lick off before giving it back to him." It's not quite that severe but, honestly, I want my kid to have a healthy immune system and the only way for that to happen is for him to get exposed to germs.

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    One for all you sleep deprived mums...

    I've been having quite a few sleepless nights lately and while getting the baby off to sleep yet again, I've started an evil habit of keeping myself sane by changing the lyrics to those lovely lullabies (keeping my voice as sweet as ever of course...). There's been a few, but my latest is:
    Hush little baby don't you cry
    I'm going to make your dad have a vasectomy.

    Hubby didn't notice for quite a few nights, which laid rest to the claim of 'I was awake too dear.'

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    My latest confession

    My parents recently came to stay with us for 2 weeks. They adore my 12 month old son and haven't seen him for 6 months as they live in Australia. Anyway, they wanted to spend the maximum amount of time with him so, being the "kind" daughter that I am, I "allowed" them to get him up when he woke in the morning while I slept in some (ok then, most) mornings.

    I swear that I didn't ask them to do it. They wake up early themselves and they would rush into his room as soon as they heard him wake up. Of course, I didn't tell them to stop - it would have been so "selfish" of me to deprive them of time with their grandson - ha ha!!

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    This is a GREAT thread! Here are a few of mine since stepping into motherhood 10.5mths ago...

    1. Baby Einstein, Baby Bright and Baby First (in the morning) is a must...sounds serious but I try to keep it down to 1hr max. a day. The repeat button gets pressed if lunch drags for more than 30mins.

    2. Duck out for a coffee, a body massage/facial, a bit of retail therapy and leave baby to the maid (go home when the 'guilt alarm' rings after 3-4hrs)

    3. Tell hubby that baby bumped his own head on the rails when he in fact it was my teeth he knocked into when during a bit mummy and baby time

    And yes, motherhood is great but every time I go past LKF or walk around the IFC, I reminisce about clubbing, 3-inch heels, afternoon teas, a pay check that I spend only on myself, wandering thru the bags and shoes section...those were the days. Now I'm a SAHM and am loving it but also miss what I had. Oh well, I suppose I can do all of the above again (minus the clubbing and heels) in 12 yrs if I'm lucky?!?!

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    I too miss 3" heels, guiltless shopping, nights out that often ended with breakfast before we headed home...*sigh* now I am always in casual kid friendly clothing. my old clothes look silly on me, some days i don't even brush my teeth until the afternoon!!! *gross* and my hair keeps falling out!!! sometimes i wonder "what happened to me???" but i love my kids so much and wouldn't change a thing : )

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