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Liquid Calcium supplement?

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    MLBW Guest

    Question Liquid Calcium supplement?

    I am looking for a liquid calcium supplement with magnesium. Does anyone know where to buy this in Hong Kong?

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    noraa is offline Registered User
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    MLBW, did you ever find a liquid calcium supplement? This is for your baby? I found Floradix Kindervital at 360 (this contains 120mg of calcium per daily dose for babies 6months - 2yrs). Apparently Floradix has a 200mg liquid calcium supplement, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere.

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    hi ladies

    Floradix does have a calcium and magnesium supplement. They should also have it at the 360. You can also check IMI in Central?

    I was told that a supplement with both calcium and magnesium is best (unless you're really not getting enough calcium) because magnesium helps with the absorption of calcium. In fact, magnesium should even be at a higher dosage than calcium!

    This article above is a great one about calcium. It's also a long one so you can really just start reading from "my position on calcium" and onwards...

    So far, the Salus calcium/magnesium has been the best one i've seen thus far on the market!

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