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International Pre Nursery and K1 near Gold coast

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    Just to add to all this, Sunkids used to be quite popular when it first started, but there has been a lot of problems in the last year or so. The number of teachers keep changing which is not good for the children and there has also been a lot of complaints about the principal and school from ex-teachers. It seems to be a more 'money-orientated' school now than focusing more on their curriculum, staff and children. Really not recommended.

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    Tuen Mun

    I totally agree with this last comment. I have had some experience with Sunkids in the past school year and would not recommend this school to anyone. It is an extremely unstable environment as there have been so many staff changes in such a short period of time. In addition, I agree that it is more of a money making business and the principal makes decisions based on this, not on the best interests of the children and staff.

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    My children is studying in Sunkids and was studied in Jing Jing in the past as well. I think it’s important to listen some comments got a real experienced to.

    I don't agree with those comments on the Sunkids totally.
    It's true that they did go through the period of changing teachers in the last academic year. I agreed with teacher come and go sounds terrible for the young kids and create a bad impression to us as parents.

    However, I would say the school and the teachers was surprisingly doing an excellent job to minimized the effect to our kids. They are still learning happily with good results.

    The ratio in class is a merit too. 3 teachers to 19 students. One native speaking english teacher, one cantonese teacher and one mandarin teacher. The teachers are experienced, well-qualified in pre-nursery and early education. They are caring, patiently, and very attentive.

    Sunkids has a very good curriculum named SFA from a University in USA where is one of the reason i pick it. They have a well balance in academically and moral values that i concern about as well. I am happy to see my child can speak and read some chinese that i wish if we stay in a chinese majority community. More happily is i see my child go to brush the teeth without asked before bed and clean up after used.

    About the money-orientated is totally a make-up. $3700 monthly for full day with a good curriculum and full of fun. For me it is worth and happy to pay. Can you imagine those are paying over $8000 monthly for a kindergaten education? What will be their expectation from the school to the kids!!

    I am not trying to talk bad about any schools here. However, I did had a terrible experience with
    Jing Jing and ened up with the help of the Eduation Bureau to settle. With the small size class is nice but imagine we are talking about 12000 sq feet in Sunkids and 5000sq feet in Jing Jing. I think by the Fire Safety Regulations Jing Jing could not take more than certain no. of students in an education premise.

    Choices for the family living in Gold Coast or nearby esp those who don’t speak chinese or local system is out of the consideration at all is a hard one. More importantly, it’s hard for us to see our little one travel a long way to school every morning and afternoon. Tuen Mun has a very limited
    choice. Seems that Jing Jing is one of the good option or compromise.
    However, to be fair, with my experience in Sunkids is not bad at all, the principle is nice with great passion in early education!!

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