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Need an RE with a GREAT Embryoligist

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    Need an RE with a GREAT Embryoligist

    Hi all,

    I work in Dong Guan and just did an IVF in Chicago that turned out neg. I have 4 frozen embryos that I am seriously considering having transferred to HK for a frozen embryo transfer. It is just too stressful to go back to Chicago for the procedures every time. I'm also really frustrated with my RE and the stress is too much in this process.

    My only concern is that I need a great embryoligist. I have 4 frozen embryos left and I need an expert on thawing frozens and doing a FET.

    Can anyone recommend an RE that has a really good embryoligist? I can't afford to lose these blasts and have to pay for another IVF.



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    tinks is offline Registered User
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    Have sent you a PM.

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    dimsum mum is offline Registered User
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    a fertility specialist, rather than an re is your best bet.

    the embryologist has very little to do with the thawing process of frozen embryos. they're not going to interfere, rather update you as to how many survived the thaw and how they are looking. it was explained to me that their work is mainly with icsi, co-culture, grading, putting them into the catheter for transfer and the actual placing on the straw and freezing of the embryos. while thawing involves a few steps, the fate of the embryos can't really be changed by the embryologist unless a major error occurs, which is so very very rare.

    i would give dr philip ho a call. he uses the clinic at hk sanitorium and the embryologist team there is v. good.

    i know what you mean about the hassle of flying over for fet's, i think you are making a great decision. ivf is stressful enough, removing some of that stress would be great.

    you might find that you need to personally fly your embryos over from the states, which is another hassle altogether.

    i hope you find a clinic and dr to help you really soon.

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    curlybaby is offline Registered User
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    I have the best RE, who works very closely with an excellent embryologist. I just had my 1st IVF with 2 embryos, and now I'm 10 weeks pregnant with twins!

    The name of my RE is Dr. Derek Lo, and he works privately. This RE is just fantastic, caring, patient and moreover, excellent at what he does. The embryology clinic he works with must be the best in HK.

    Just PM me if you want his contact details!

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