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Help--Union or Matilda

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    Does your insurance covers pre-natal check up too? You may like to consider the cost if you are not covered by insurance. I have heard the consultation may cost you over HK$1000 per visit. I paid about HK$450 per visit includes ultra sound scanning. (excluding blood test & supplement)

    Just in case you are switching your mind on which doctor to go. I would highly recommend my doctor Alexander Yip. You can visit him at Shatin or TST medical centre. Tel: 2603 2123. He does both C-section and natural birth too.

    I have just delivered in Union Hospital in late Aug 08. Fantastic! It was like staying at 5 stars hotel :) They even have bird nest on the menu. Make full use on your insurance coverage. ;)

    Yes, you can have your baby in your room(Private room). However, going to Nursery room for breastfeeding is really useful for first time mom, if you are doing breast feeding.

    There are nurses around there to guide you how to get baby latch on, is baby sucking the right way...

    I wouldnt mind to have 2nd baby after having a great experience with Union hospital and Doctor's expertise.

    Hope the info helps and enjoy your pregnancy.

    Ai li

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    I`m also living on the mainland so going to Matilda (and paying those prices uninsured) was not really an option for us.
    I took a tour of Union and went to see Dr. Ng a couple of times. He`s a great doctor. From what I know, if you have a private room, only then can your baby stay with you. That was a real turn off for me since I couldn`t afford the private room prices (higher than the brochure - you have to pay an additional high fee per day).
    In the end, due to passport and visa issues, I`ve decided to have my baby (due in Jan) in Guangzhou at the VIP Birthing Centre. Private rooms all around, nice atmosphere, and friend recommendations of their births.
    But if I were having my baby in HK, I would opt for Union, mostly bc of its proximity and also bc it`s a very nice hospital, despite their strictness about the baby rooming and visiting hrs.

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    Hi Shenzhennifer, I am glad that you are able to find a comfortable place for your birth in Guangzhou. I thought Shenzhen would have had a birth center like the one in Guangzhou. But I guess most mother in Shenzhen would go across the boarder. With so many diplomat and expats in Guangzhou, there is a bigger need there.

    Other reason for giving birth in Hongkong is that the Hongkong pass my child will get would allow her/him almost free access to travel to or live in China with us. we won't have to worry about getting him/her Chinese visa to be here. With the way our jobs are going, it looks like we are here to stay.

    Goo luck with the rest of your pregnancy and your birth and stay in touch.

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    Hi all,
    I went to the Union for a visit this weekend and They showed me to the maternity ward, rooms and suites.

    It all looked satisfactory to me. There were a lot of Mainland mothers and accompanying families. I did not see any expat there. So, there might be some "staring" when visit. But hopefully not.

    Anyway, I don't believe this would have lowered the standard of their service.

    The staffs were all very friendly and efficient and speak both Chinese and English. Most importantly, the Union is very close to the Mainland.

    I think I am definitely settled in there now. Good luck to all of you and thank you for sharing.

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