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shaving baby's hair

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    shaving baby's hair

    Hi All,
    I would like to bring my baby about 3-4 months old to shave his hair so that his regrowth is thicker, can anyone suggest a salon that provides this service?

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    MLBW Guest

    If you go to Fortress you can buy a special electric shaver/razor used to give short "buzz" haircuts in salons--not too expensive--less than $200 HKD, I think. They have one type that is especially meant to use on children and isn't as loud as the other one. My husband and I bought the adult version in May or June this year and it works well. Just go to the counter that sells electric razors. In that way--you can cut your baby's hair and any male (or female?) hair in your family. I now do all of my husbands "haircuts" at home--especially in the summer when it is really hot. They have adjustable length attachments for the razor so you can choose your length. Otherwise, I think if you go into any local "barber shop" and tell them to buzz off all of your baby's hair they will do it for probably less than 20 HKD.

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