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High Rise Safety

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    High Rise Safety

    Hi, my little boy is getting to the age where he can climb so I want to get grates put on the few windows in our apartment that don't already have them.

    The grates on the current windows are aluminium, oblong shaped with another oblong in the middle. I know I haven't described them very well but they are the window grates you see on 99% of the apartments in Mid-Levels.

    Can anyone recommend a contractor who can provide and install these grates. Our building management is hopeless so I can't rely on them!

    Also, I want to secure out balcony doors. I have seen some flats that have a chain across the top of the doors. Only an adult could reach high enough to unlock the chain. Anyone had one of these installed?


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    friends have the door chains installed on tops of their windows as well, so no need for those awful. depressing window bars. windows will open about 4 inches, much smaller than baby's head...

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    OUr contractor installed an extra screw next to the hinge, so tha the windows can only open 4 inches or so. This is much more safe than a chain, and can be removed easily with a screwdriver to make cleaning the windows posible (which you can't do with grates). It's also much cheaper.

    We also have trained our son to know that it's a HUGE 'no no' to climb up on the windowsills. Of course, you can't rely on a child, so the windows need to be secured - no mater how seemingly compliant your child is!

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