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    I am angry and worried. I just discovered my freezer door was not closed properly by someone else that was careless and all my frozen milk may be affected. The temperature of the freezer upon discovery was still below zero( around -1) as there is a digital display on the door. The door should be open for around 3-4 hours I guess.
    I wonder if the milk will still be fine ( they are still in ice stage when I check) or do I need to throw them all away? I am about to cry, I have almost 30 packets of 3oz milk in there.....someone from LLL or anyone please help

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    MLBW Guest

    Honestly, I wouldn't stress over it. Was the milk completely thawed out? If not, just close the door, and let the milk refreeze--it's unlikely that it will have spoiled.

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    If it is still frozen you should be fine. After all that's what you do with meat when you have an accident, still frozen, fine, thawed or partially thawed then its got to be eaten or thrown away if you can't eat it all.

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    If the milk was still frozen then it will be fine to keep. If, however, it thawed or partially thawed then the milk needs to be used within the next 24 hours.

    Sorry for the very late reply to this post - I'm actually traveling in England at the moment!

    If anyone ever requires an urgent answer please call one of the leaders in Hong Kong rather than just posting on the forum.

    The numbers are:
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