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Healthy Times Baby Cereals -- Puzzled

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    Quote Originally Posted by fennho View Post
    hi there

    i think the ones that u bought from City Super are the new packaging and the ones from PnS are the old packaging. I have a mommy in Spore that the old packaging have recd quite a lot of complains. Reason being of their flimsy packaging, (with no plastic and opening at the side of the box) there was once, my friend opened and found baby cockroaches inside! She wrote to Healthy Times in Sg, and they confirmed that they had a problem with one of the shipment (something to do with an accident and that shipment was spoiled, some cracked etc). So, they looked into it and decided to change their packaging.
    Hi Fennho, this is Yuin Pin, the distributor for HealthyTimes in Singapore. We would like to clarify that no baby cockroaches were found. Instead, some insects, similar to rice weevils known as biscuits beetles or weevils were found. Upon investigation with my warehouse supervisor after a few feedbacks, we discovered some crushed cartons in one of the pallet. The freight forwarder in US did not load the cartons into the container properly as they were stacked right to the brim and thus inevitably causing some cartons at the bottom to be crushed. This is the first time that this had happened. The crushed cartons probably allow for infestation of the weevils. some surrounding cartons may have been infected through this manner. This has absolutely nothing got to do with the quality of the grains or manufacturing process. We have apologised and explained to the mummies who feedback to us.
    As a safety precaution, we have done the following:
    1) Throw away all the remaining cereals on this pallet.
    2) Exchange those from this pallet that had been sent out to organic outlets, as well as supermarkets,
    with those from the unaffected pallets.
    3) Change our freight forwarding company and gave instructions to the new one not to overstack the
    cartons on the pallets.
    4) Clean up the entire warehouse.

    Once again, we would like to apologise for this unfortunate episode. We would like to assure all mummies in Singapore that we have taken all necessary precautions to prevent any re-occurrence.

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    MLBW Guest

    I have also found and bought Earth's Best Organic Cereals in Hong Kong--at City Super. They have rice, oats and mixed grain.

    Earth's Best

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    HTBaby / YuinpinLee - Thanks for stopping by. Good to see that the principals involved in the business can share info with the readers.

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    HTBaby - thanks for the clarification, I do think though that it may be helpful to let parents know when products change. As you can see we're all very concerned about what we're feeding our babies and when a product changes in looks it can be really daunting, especially if it looks (and tastes) the same as another product you sell. I think everyone is more nervous these days after the melamine issue in China to ensure their babies are getting all natural and guaranteed products.

    I love healthy times for my twins, just wish it wasn't out of stock everywhere so often!!

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    hong kong

    I second what Paddles has said. Thanks for the clarification but it would have been nice just to let us know about the change in the look of your product. Also, I find that I need to add a lot more of the new flakey grains into my milk to make it into a good consistency for my baby. Before, I only had to use a few tablespoons mixed with 2oz of milk but now I almost need to add double the amount of flakes to make the same consistency and amount of cereal... and the result is stickier that before. can anyone shed any light on this? Frankly I prefer the old version of the brown rice cereal...

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    Got the Following Reply from Nina the Local Disti

    Hi Clowe77,
    The grains are cut a little thinner so that they would accept liquid easier. Healthy Times ordered the exact same grains and they are steamed. They are then roller cut, but thinner this time and bigger flakes. That is the only difference. They don't grind them down, they leave them as flakes. They dissolve much better. This is an improvement. The same premium organic whole grains are used and the product is cooked the same. Instead of the grain being ground, it is cut into thin flakes so that it can dissolve much better. When they were previously grind down they required more water and difficult to dissolve. Nina (HK distributor)

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    interesting that they decided to make that change. I personally never had a problem with the rice dissolving the way it was before and I'm not a fan of the flakes at all. I have stopped buying Healthy Times now.
    I agree with Paddles - they should have made mention of the change on the packaging. Not hard to had "new & improved" ! would have solved a lot of worry and confusion for a lot of parents!

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    I'm wondering why the flakes are white on brown rice cereal. I've used Earth's Best and found the cereal to be the same colour as brown rice. When I look at the flakes of the new version of Healthy Times, they look more white. I'm not a fan of the new flakes. Because they are light, they spill a lot more and make a mess. They should use the pour spout like they have on the mixed grains version. And if they use plastic bags for the brown rice to preserve it better, why don't they use it for the mixed cereal as well?

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