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wolfberry/Jobs tears etc

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    wolfberry/Jobs tears etc

    Hello Moms,

    I find the chinese cuisine just excellent,so healthy.Especially the soup part :)

    I just read about using wolfberry ,jobs tears,lotus seeds etc in problem is

    can this be used in any way and combination?
    Like can i just add some meat,some veggies like carrots,celery and some wolfberries OR lotus seeds OR any other stuff i saw in the chinese shops?
    I dont know their names.

    Or should i go by a particular recipe......

    Iam sorry to post this vast topic here but i have no chinese friends who can help me with this.

    really appreciate if i could get some help.Planning to give my family some healthy soups :yeah2


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    MLBW Guest


    Chinese cuisine is healthy? I guess if you don't count that everything (nearly) is fried in a liter of oil and they add MSG to a lot of things. Okay, okay, be fair, they also steam their food sometimes and that's pretty healthy.

    But, Chinese soup tends to be on the healthier side. My mother-in-law often brews up a batch of soup. I don't care for it, but I can see how the health benefits are there.

    Are you talking about the many "medicinal" soups and teas that Chinese people often make--usually each for a specific ailment or purpose? If so, I would go to the nearest Chinese Medicine Shop and ask them about soup making.

    I'm sorry, I don't have any recipes to offer as my mother-in-law just makes everything from memory.

    The only Chinese soup I've ever eaten that I really liked was:

    Chicken and Watermellon Soup which is supposed to be good for womens' health.

    Below are a couple of recipes. When I had the soup, black-skinned chicken was used so I have included the recipe from the New York Times for that and then the recipe was modified to add watermellon. I'm sure you can find other recipes like this if you search. Happy eating!

    Black Skinned Chicken Soup

    Watermelon Chicken Soup

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    Oct 2008

    hehe well...I was actually referring to the soups and steamed food, daily intake of veggies and all that...
    Thanks for the recipes.

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    Chicken Tofu Soup

    1 small onion
    1 clove garlic
    1 TBS oyster sauce (you can use this sauce for vegetable stir fry - tastes yum!)
    boneless chicken cut into small pieces (individual estimation :) i just put in however much for 2 persons)
    1 egg tofu (these are the oblong shaped ones not square, so when you slice them you get circles)
    1 carrot
    chinese cabbage (less/more depending on how much you like this veg)
    1 egg beaten

    Lightly fry the tofu pieces till just about brown, put aside.

    Put about 1 TBS oil into a pot. Add onion & garlic & let fry till transparent. Add oyster sauce and stir for 1 min. Add water till about halfway up your pot (medium sized). Add chicken pieces and carrot let boil till both are fully cooked. Add chinese cabbage and let boil for about 1/2mins. If you like them crunchy boil in less time. Add tofu. Turn off the fire & slowly add the egg into the soup & simultaneously stir the soup. Cover and let stand for a few mins. Ready to eat!

    This is one of the many soups I had after labour. One of my favs too :)

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