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excellent breast pump

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    Ying Ho is offline Registered User
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    Hung Hom

    excellent breast pump

    I am looking to purchase an automatic breast pump and was wondering if there are mothers out there with some brands to recommend.

    I expect to fly about 6 weeks after little one is born and would like to express milk for little girl. Please advise what is the best way and how much milk must be stored for a 6 day trip.

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    MLBW Guest

    Medella is probably the top brand for breast pumps. Um, how much milk you are able to store will depend on a lot of things--and how much your child will need will depend on a lot of things--you won't know that at all until that baby arrives. Breastmilk is different than formula--it doesn't work on the same exact measurement scale usually.

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    my two were both fed exclusively on EBM until 8 months and 13 months (with very gradual weaning onto solids at 4 and 6 months). Anyway, tried various pumps, found the best to be Avent Duo electric pump, thought it was better than the Medela Symphony. As for amount, they were kind of following the amount of milk calculated to body weight amount. Am sure you can find the formula somewhere here. Anyway, once they got to about 25 oz per day, it stayed that way, the quality of milk changes and that's all they need, no need to increase like formula. Hope that helps

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    Koan is offline Registered User
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    I use the Medela freestyle pump for pumping at work and I also have the Avent Isis manual for the occasional pump. Both are great. If you're going to be pumping full time or at least part time while at work, invest in a good double electric pump.

    About 25oz a day is average. I'd have a few oz extra in case of a growth spurt.

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    MLBW Guest

    I used the Medella Pump in Style--which I don't think is widely available in Hong Kong (I bought it new from my hospital in the USA for $250 USD)--I think I may have possibly seen one set at Celki Medical Supply. Unlike the Freestyle, my pump is not a hands-free kit. It is a double electric pump that comes in a backpack-type carrying case which is easy to tote anywhere and easy to setup--also comes with a cooler and storage bottles as well as storage bags and a battery-operated function as well as a regular outlet plugin.

    One note about Medella is that the face plate where the hoses connect to the pump tends to break easily--this is a common complaint with their products (maybe all breastpumps?) I had to go through a huge hassle to get new parts from them--they do not have any certified repair technicians in HK so if something goes wrong with your pump you will have to send it somewhere else to get replacements and stuff--which can be really stressful if you depend on the pump a lot for everyday use. If you can, try to get replacement parts at the outset--like extra hoses and faceplates (which actually don't cost much) as well as membrane pads (these are for the bottles)--this will save stress later if you need to replace them. I also have a Medella hand pump. I really couldn't stand using the hand-pump on a regular basis as it's a lot of work for very little output. But as a back-up plan, having one is a good idea if you are going to be pumping a lot.

    Celki also has Mother's Milk (for increasing milk supply) teas by Traditional Medicinals which are quite good (I also use other teas by the same company and they taste good and are effective).

    The info for Celki is below:

    Celki Home Health Care Centre

    Tel:2443 3554

    Yuen Tung Bldg, Yuen Long


    Celki Internatl Ltd

    Tel:2332 3366Fax:2744 2313

    Tins Enterprises Centre, Cheung Sha Wan

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    jeanyeeli is offline Registered User
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    I would recommend Ameda breast pump because I've been using it for almost 6 months now and seems to work perfectly for me. Here is the place to purchase the brand:

    Also, if you are going to store the breast milk, I also recommend buying "MA MA Village" breast bags which you will be able to find in Jusco or Eugene Group.

    Hope it helps!

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