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Applying US Visa for DH

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    Applying US Visa for DH

    My husband and I are planning to go to the US for one month with our 17 month old son and would like to bring our DH with us. I've checked out the US consulate website and have a good idea as to what is required. I was just wondering if anyone has applied recently and have some good tips to offer. Also, a couple of additional questions -

    1) Some people have told us that we need to supply proof of a round trip air ticket for the DH. We haven't booked our flights yet because we are waiting to see if her visa will even be approved. Is it good enough if we supply a letter stating that we will purchase her roundtrip ticket?

    2) Point 5 on the US consulate website it asks for proof of residence abroad that the employee has no intention of abandoning. What kind of documentation? My helper has a bank account in HK but I know there is virtually no money inside since she pretty much wires all her money back to the Phillipines to her daughter. Any other suggestions?

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    Hi there,

    We recently took our helper for 3 weeks with us to California. I'm not an expert in the process so we were super-organised before she did her interview at the US Consulate, and she got her visa without any issues.

    In answer to your question, we had booked her return flights BUT had not actually paid for them. The travel agent sent through the reservations that were holding via email, and I just printed that off and sent it in her file.

    You need to show the Consulate that she has strong ties to her home country, so she is not a flight risk once she gets to the States. A lot of them take off - does she have any family and friends in the States? They will want to know this.

    Definitely write a support letter detailing why you are taking her (we took ours to help out with our 12 MO son, basic babysitting etc). You also need to work out the wage for someone of her duties in the area in the States that you will be, and include this wage amount in the US employment contract you make (ie I looked on US labour site for standard wage for general childcare worker in San Fran).

    The checklist I had for her application is:

    • Appointment confirmation sheet
    • Completed visa application form
    • Recent passport photograph
    • Receipt from Dah Sing Bank
    • Support letter
    • US Employment contract (two copies, signed)
    • Copy of wage determination
    • Passport valid for 6 months after travel to the US
    • Photocopy of helper's passport
    • Photocopy of Employer’s passport
    • Photocopy of helper's Hong Kong ID
    • Photocopy of helper's Hong Kong working visa
    • Original of HK Employment contract
    • Photocopy of HK Employment contract
    • Flight ticket booking (helper & Employers)
    • US Accommodation booking confirmation
    • Original statement showing proof of Employer's address
    • Helper's family photos
    • Helper's bank account cards and statements

    Good luck

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