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can 9 month old babies have olive oil in their diet?

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    Hi mazarebacha, I would suggest that you speak to your paed or health nurse before giving your baby any solids. They will be able to advise the best foods to start with (generally bland baby rice or congee for the first little while and then pureed vege when they are a little older).

    You can also discuss with them the right time to start solids. Where I am from (Australia) we follow the World Health Organisation guidelines which recommend just breast milk for the first 6 months if possible. I started my bub on solids at 6 months for this reason (even though he was absolutely enormous for his age). Despite what Clowe77 says I do know people who started their babies on solids earlier however they did it under the supervision of their doctor/health nurse to make sure it was the right thing for their baby.

    Interestingly enough my baby was the fattest when he was only breast fed. He slimmed down a but when he started solids (and, no, it didn't coincide with him crawling before you ask). I must have had high fat breast milk from all of the cakes I was eating!

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    Sherwes--me too! My son gained 14 ounces in his first 10 days of life just from drinking my breastmilk! When we went in to weigh him the nurse asked, "What is in that stuff, pure butter?!" And my son has slimmed down a lot since being on solids as well.

    Well, everyone has their official recommendations for when you should start your baby on solids--and they are set for a reason but every baby and every family is different.

    Most people where I'm from start adding some sort of rice cereal to their baby's diet early on--very runny and watered down--fed at night so the baby will be more full and sleep longer.

    My old flat mate came from a family of 11 children and her mother started each child on solid foods before they were 2 months old! (I guess that's the only way you can keep up with 11 children--most less than 2 years apart in age!)

    I started testing out solids on my son (pured pears and apples) when he was about 4 months old and he didn't have much interest but by the time he was 5 months old he was interested (started grabbing stuff off my plate and sticking it in his mouth) and so we started mixing pured apples and rice cereal together and a small bowl of that to him in the mornings. He never had any ill-affects from it and no, I did not consult any doctor about doing this. I read some information, talked to the people I trust and went with my gut instinct. I think mothers everywhere should be a little more confident in their intuition--but that's just me. :0)

    Oh, and coincidently, I always added extra virgin olive oil to my son's apples. I would puree them myself, cook them a little bit and add a splash of EVOO--the reason why I did this is my son had some serious issues with constipation after being switched to formula from breastmilk and the oil and apples together helped to totally alleviate the situation. (Also, EVOO has omega-3 oils which are good for baby's brain, skin and devlopment).

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