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Good English Speech Therapy/ Training thru play for kids (graduated from USA )

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    Girlgirl is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2011

    Hi I would also like the information for my child.

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    Bulman is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2011

    Hi, I have 2 girls, one with articulation difficulty and one with speech motor problem. Would live your friend's contact. Please PM me ;)

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    kpelszyn is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2010

    Hi All-
    My son attends HKIS and we were adv in January that he needed a speech therapist and that it would be essential for him to have a therapist so he could succeed in R2. As you can imagine the following thoughts were going through my head 1. he's perfect and at the right level 2. what do you mean he will fail R2?
    But after talking to the school therapist and his R1 teacher and discussing their evaluations, he really did need a therapist for that extra help. As I see from above you had the same issues I had finding a therapist- out of the 25 that the school gave me to contact- only ONE replied back and she put me on a waiting list. thankfully I also read geoexpat and was delighted to contact Nicole Buck who just moved to Hong Kong last month.
    My son started working with her as soon as she arrived. They connected right away as she is very talented and experienced with making children feel comfortable right away. She conducted a highly thorough evaluation for us and helped to explain how she came to the conclusions and what plan of action she was going to take. She also updates us on the goals she places for our son and how he succeeds each week getting closer to the goal and reaching it.
    It's only been 5 weeks and we have already seen improvement in him. Also he doesn't dread having this class, as he enjoys the one on one attention and the activities Nicole prepares for him are "games" to him and fun. What is also great about Nicole is that she doesn't treat each child the same- before she met my son she wanted to know his interests and hobbies so she could ensure the activities she created for him would keep him interested and engaged. My son is an avid artist and thrives on his creativity. Nicole has taken that and it's amazing how using what he is already good at to teach what he needs to learn just makes him stronger in both subjects. When I come home from work, I not only get to see the artwork he creates in his daily art class but what he made with Nicole and the "sequencing" on how he created his art.
    I can't recommend Nicole highly enough so if you are looking for a speech therapist pls contact her at 95062711. And if you need to ask me any questions, pls pm me. Also pls note that Nicole had to be approved by my son's school, HKIS for us to work with her and she has been.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhhlpooh View Post
    Hi, can you also send me your friend's info. My son is 4 years old, we live in Canada. He likes to talk, but has hard time expressing himself. His sentences would be broken in piece by piece, and people don't understand him. I am not sure if this is considering speech delay, but certainly his speech is not as good as his friends in school.

    please send me your friend's info as well. my email address is [email protected]

    my son has similar situation like what Jhhlpooh described. my son likes to talk but has hard time expressing himself.
    he needs to think very long before he can come up a word or a sentence. however no issue for him if he read out from story book or sth... it kind of worries me becox English is considered his first language.

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    TheBears is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2012

    Hi, I have a daughter with down syndrome and would also like information as well...

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    lesliefu is offline Registered User
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBears View Post
    Hi, I have a daughter with down syndrome and would also like information as well...
    You can also try watchdog if nicole doesn't work out as they have much experience with kids with special needs and the people there are very good too.

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