You can pm me your answers if you like, as I realize you may not want this personal info out there. But I just had some questions about living at Belcher's. My tutoring student lives there, and I love it. We are thinking of moving in a year or two, and Belcher's is at the top of my list. If you can answer any of these questions, it would be much appreciated.

1: Are all the flats owned by one company, or are they individually owned?

2: For example, for a 3 bedroom flat on a mid-level floor, how much do you expect rent would be? 4 bedrooms?

3: Do you have to pay for a membership to use the clubhouse, or is it included with the management fees?

4: Any other perks to living there? (Besides the Westwood, and a lot of busses on the main road.)

Thank you!