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Gestational Diabetes Test

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    Dink is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2008
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    Nic - you've confirmed my fears! I've just checked and its a 3 hour test they want me to do :-( Its not the test itself that bothers me, I'm sure an hour in a private doctor's office would be fine, its doing the test at the public hospital that puts me off.... oh well, just have to deal with it I guess. I am going to try going early in the hopes I'll get to the front of the queue and get out a.s.a.p!


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    TeamNZ is offline Registered User
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    Sai Kung

    I did the test 2 weeks ago through the public system - wondered how I would survive not eating that long (haha) anyway, it was just fine. Although prepare yourself that the syrup drink is really really sweet.

    I made sure I was there 1/2 hr early to be at the front of the queue and I took my laptop so I could work whilst waiting. Being there early I think saved me about an hour in the long run.

    The great thing about the public system is that they have the whole process completely set up as a system, I did feel somewhat like a sheep but I trust that they are very thorough.

    From experience they seem to be over cautious in public in the long run that has got to be better for us mums to be huh?

    I too protested loudly at having the test done as I didnt want to sacrifice the time from work. I was informed that the test is standard for:

    Women over 35
    Women with babies previously born over 4kg (thats me)
    Women with history or family history of diabetes
    Women who have gained weight in the top 25% of weight gain on the chart for time of pregnancy
    Women who have had variable sugar tests (urine test).

    Hope that helps...

    You will be just fine, take a good book if you have one

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    North Point

    I did it a few months ago at Tsan Yuk too. I agree with TeamNZ - get there EARLY because it'll get you a better spot in the queue and you'll save time. Bring something to read or something to do. It might make you nauseous - it made me nauseous... but I did want to make sure that I didn't have it for the sake of my baby - I didn't have ANY of the symptoms... but I do have family history of diabetes, so I wanted the test just to be sure...

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    Nic is offline Registered User
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    Mid Levels

    Just make sure you take a snack for as soon as you finish, you'll be fine.
    Don't fear the worst, but I would agree get there early perhaps that was my mistake, I then spent time clock watching worrying about getting back to work!

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