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Choosing to not breastfeed....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mom2Sofie&Twins View Post
    I am wondering why you would take medication if it's basically not needed? Again, both times I did nothing (except keeping my fairly tight GAP bra on day and night and within a week there was nothing to worry about).
    Well, I think it's because some women have really horrible discomfort when their milk comes in. For example, my breasts went from a C cup to a DD cup overnight, literally. The pain was really crazy! So, maybe some people don't want to run that risk (and it does happen like that to some women).

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    My girlfriend was horrified when she discovered that I was not breastfeeding, for her she can't imagine any other way, she is a B cup and loves the idea of having fuller breasts.

    And that's totally ok with me, I would support her in that. However I am a D cup to start with........just one of several reasons (others are more personal).

    Thanks for everyone's feedback.... a great help. (Its such a personal and often heated topic.)

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    I know this will not help much.....but just for an information.

    In Japan, we go to see the Dr. (gynecologist) when we do not want to milk coming in or want to stop milk production (due to weaning or get pregnant with next baby). Dr. usually gives single injection to stop the milk production. My sis-in-law got it right after her twins started biting her nipples non-stop.
    She said there was no side affect and no discomfort.


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    I am so glad there are other women out there who decided not to breast feed. When my daughter was born I decided not to breast feed her and was surprised at how blunt some can be when they discovered I did not breast feed. My second one is due in the coming weeks and I won't breast feed him/her either - it's just a personal choice that breast feeding is not right for me.

    Anyways, didn't know you could see a dr about getting something to help stop the milk from coming in... and if it is as painful this time as it was last time I will see a dr.

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