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Lessons for 5 year old daughter

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    Tai Tam

    Lessons for 5 year old daughter

    Hi all,

    Just wondered what lessons are available for 5 yo kids on the south side of HK island. I'm thinking about ballet, art, swimming etc. We're new to HK and live near Stanley. Thanks!


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    My daughter is 4 1/2 and we do swimming lessons at ESF (they'll start soon with signing up for Jan - March, we just got the priority registration forms). They also have other (sports) classes. My friend has a 6 yo who goes to Ballet lessons on South Bay Road (Glenda Allen Dance Academy Ltd.).

    Not sure where your child goes to school but a lot of schools have afterschool activities, but for ESF they usually don't start until Year 2 (assuming in that case your daughter is in year 1).

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