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chinese herbs and breastfeeding

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    chinese herbs and breastfeeding

    Hi everyone, my baby is 3 weeks old and my mom is brewing lots of chinese herbal tonics as part of the traditional method of post partum recuperation. My baby has just developed a bad case of rash on her face which the pediatrician thinks could be a case of eczema or heat rash. I am concerned if chinese herbal tonics can affect my milk supply and cause the rash?

    Can anyone here weigh in on this link?

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    just in my personal opinion, the rash is probably due to quick weather change amd sudden dryness and/or eczema as well. when babies are born their systems are completely mature yet, so adaptation to changes (like weather outside the womb) may take a lil more time.

    i myself had the chinese herbal stuff (as probably many other chinese women). if the tonics are specifically for post partum, then it most likely has taken milk supply into account. i wouldn't worry too much. but for just peace of mind, you can alway take the stuff to a chinese medicine doctor and ask for their professional opinion. you may feel more at ease going to a university clinic.

    La Leche League may also have some answers since they are dealing w/ this part of the world where traditional medicine is used heavily and a great part of the culture.

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    apply and rub a little breast milk on his/her body, it will be goen the next 2-3 days and if it appears again, apply again. i had also some chinese herbs but not a fan and not keen so had more simple ones. the soup helped in increase the milk supply.

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    My baby is 10 days old, so far the elder in my family do not give me any chinese herbs yet but they gave me lots of fish soup for milk supply. The best is to check with a chinese doctor.

    BTW my case could be because of my c-section thats why thay are not giving me any of those stuff yet, I was also told not to take vineger, ginger for the time being.

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