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1 month old - refuses to sleep when parents are minding her.

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    1 month old - refuses to sleep when parents are minding her.

    My baby does not want to sleep when I am minding her (she wants me to constantly sing / talk to her or she will cry). But when relatives / friends take over, she is very cooperative. Is this normal?

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    MLBW Guest
    Yep. And your baby is only 1-month-old so it may be awhile before she gets into a good sleeping pattern. Children often act differently around their parents than they do around other people. For example, my son (almost 1-year-old) will hang on my leg and want me to pick him up all day long (it's a phase they go through--a "clingy" phase) but doesn't do that to his grandparents or aunts.

    Also, the way you respond to her as well as your stress levels and everything like that can drastically affect her behavior--she can pick up on how you feel even when you aren't aware of it.

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