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Deciding where to live?!

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    justineg is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2008

    Talking Deciding where to live?!


    Am moving to HK early next year from Sydney and was almost decided on Discovery Bay, but expat friends say not to rule out Pok Fu Lam, and Repulse Bay/Stanley/Tai Tam.

    We have a nearly-3 year old (so will need preschool), I'll be studying from home for 1-2 yrs then looking to find work, and husband will work at Admiralty/Central. We don't have a set 'housing allowance', just a fixed salary package, so will have to decide what % to spend on rent.

    Are the differences in these areas mainly in what you get for your money, or are there major lifestyle differences that swayed your decision? I'd be looking for a low rise 3 bed place with parks/pool nearby.

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    Hong Kong

    i know that lots of australians live in discovery, but perhaps you are looking for more "ex-pat diversity." if so, they definitely the southside! repulse bay/tai tam. there are tons of ex-pat families: americans, spanish, french, brits, australians who live there. the major buildings in repulse bay is the one above "the repulse bay" shopping area and then in tai tam - the manhattan and pacific view. all 3 buildings are full service - pool(s), tennis courts, playgrounds, gym etc...the american club is also in tai tam and within walking distance of stanley which is were the supermarket is and is where stanley beach is.

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    Hong Kong, Mid Levels

    Cost may be your biggest driver and the commute. Lots of people I know love DB, but personally the luxury of jumping in a cab after work and being home in 10-15 mins is something I couldn't give up (or the frequent mini buses that are incredibly cheap) - this may be important to your husband. DB might be the cheapest (but you need to take into account the ferry cost), of the others Pokfulam would be the next most affordable. Pokfulam would get my vote as you are close to central/transport, walking distance to schools/shopping, but far enough away to get the sea views and nice parks. The beaches would be a short drive away also.

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    Justineg - I am an Aussie currently living in Pokfulam. We have been here for only 3 months but are very happy with our decision. I have a 10 month old and stay home fulltime with my daughter, and my husband works in Central. My husband catches a cab into work and back, takes around 15 minutes so very convenient. I often walk down to the local shops (including supermarket) and walk via the grassed park which we really enjoy. We were actually under pressure to make a decision quite fast, so we actually only looked around HK island (we didn't get to Discovery Bay). Repulse Bay I beleive is a little more expensive, but also very popular. It is very leafy, green and you have the beaches at your door step. Here in Pokfulam, we have wonderful views, but to go to the beach we head down Repulse Bay way. Most expats I have met though (especially Aussies) live around Pokfulam and even Midlevels, which is great for us to catch up with people. However I do beleive the South side is full of expats as well (we just haven't met many there yet). For me, my husband ends up doing longer hours than in Oz, so it is very comforting to know that when he calls me when leaving work, he is home in only 10 -15 minutes. If you would like more info, or meet up when you get here, please feel free to PM me. Good luck with your decision.

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    Despite the earlier post - DB has expats from many different communities - it's about 1/3 'Western' (Aussie, Canada, US, Brits), 1/2 Chinese/Asian, and a good smattering of French, Spanish, Italian etc etc.
    Also, you will find that, even allowing for the ferry, that there is a HUGE price differential between living in PokFuLam, Repluse Bay.Stanley to what there is in DB. If you can find a 1300 sqft apartment in Repluse Bay or PFL for under 30k, let me know!
    ONe thing to consider is schooling - DB has option, but it is a very child intensive area, so therefore long waiting lists for either of the two English Primary Schools. However, this is also the case all over HK.

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