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Nystatin Suspension

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    Nystatin Suspension

    Got to talk to a LLL Leader and we went through the signs of thrush and looked like I have it. Went to a GP to be checked and ask for meds. LO and I were given medicines. The LO- nystatin suspension and Canesten for me. But I am reading about Nystatin now baby's reactions to it - vomitting, diarrhea,etc.

    Has anyone given their babies Nystatin? Did they have adverse reaction(s) to Nystatin?


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    Yes, I gave my son nystatin--no problem whatsoever--it was pill and I had to crush it and put it in his mouth--the suspension should just be a liquid form of the pill. As I said, no problems. Also, you don't use it for very long--it was only like 3 days with my son. If your child has problems it will quickly become evident and you can stop using it right away.

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