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Passport Photos for new born

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    Apr 2008
    Sydney, Australia (but would like to return to HK)
    Thanks everyone!

    Baby is due in 2 weeks and we need to apply for Australian citizenship and passport quickly as we plan to move back early next year. I think I will try it at home first and then if that fails go to a photo shop.

    I can't believe how fussy the embassy can be for new-born photos!!

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    North Point
    Karmah - I was in exactly the same situation as you - although we're not MOVING back to Australia, we were just planning on being back there for Christmas. My baby was born October 24th (4 days early) and we are leaving on Dec 18. She'll be about 8 weeks when we travel. She's 4 weeks today and we're picking the passport up in a week and a half - and we just need to get some sticker in her passport for Hong Kong immigration and then we'll be right to go!!

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    May 2007
    karmah, the Aus embassy was OK with our son's passport pic. We did it at home, on a cream coloured sheet and gave the photo printing shop the specifics on the size and they did it for us. No problem at all. We took about 50 photos (in many different shoots) before we got one in which his eyes are open and looking at the camera. I'd definitely recommend doing it yourself. We needed his passport in a rush and they were great, said they'd try to get it done quickly and call when it was ready. Took them about 3 days.

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    Hong Kong
    We had ours done at IFC mall too for our sons Australian passport. Tried at home but too hard.. if you need it in a hurry I recommend a photo lab as they know what the requirements are and ensure a good shot.

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    That ia a good idea with DIY when we have ample time. I would like to try it myself.

    Does anyone know the specifications of the photo? Should I focus only on the baby face or the body too for UK and HK passports?

    Can I also use the photo while the baby is smiling? I do remember back in UK, they are strict very with the photos. They do not accept a smiling photo recently.

    I am wondering it is acceptable here (Both the HK & UK passports).

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