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Walking with stroller in HK

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    Causeway Bay

    I too came from NYC and had the very same problem. I was so used to walking out the door with the kids in the stroller and going pretty much anywhere I wanted to. I looked hard for a stroller friendly place that was affordable and no one has mentioned this area, and I don't think most people consider it, but we live in causeway bay and I have to say the areas around victoria park (tin hau, tai hang, causeway bay and parts of happy valley) are totally stroller friendly. in fact we live in our stroller and go to the library, park, club, shopping, etc. every day. I'd say 80-90% of my time spent is with the kids in the stroller zipping around this whole area. the only time it's in issue is going to times square on the weekend which we avoid, yet it's still not un-doable if you aren't crowd averse. We also have extremely easy access to the MTR (aside from the slow elevator in the cwb mtr stop!) and I take the stroller on it all the time to go to the doctor, run errands, or to get out and explore hong kong. we also have access to lots of buses and mini-buses to go pretty much where ever we want on the island. With a 3yo who doesn't like to walk, a 17month old, and a bad back I don't have the option of going without a stroller. Until my little one was 10 months old I would do a single stroller with the baby bjorn but with them both being so big now we are double stroller (phil & teds) all the way. This area isn't for everyone, and from what I've read there is more pollution although you can't really escape it anywhere anymore, but we've found a little quiet pocket where we now know a lot of our neighbors and all the kids in the park and at the library, and so on, so for us, and especially the kids, it feels like we have a great community now. all the best in your search. it's really hard - hope you find what works for you!

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    i just moved from manhattan via london and now we are in hk. we arrived here in mid-june and did a ton of looking. at first, i told my husband that there was no choice for us but in mid-levels, but now with a son who is 11 months old,, we quickly realized how un-stroller friendly it is and the pollution levels are horrible. that being said, we looked in repulse bay, tai tam and in redhill. we also decided on tai tam and my husband commutes into central. there is a great ex-pat community of not just americans, but of australians, british, french and spanish. we've met great people in our building and the american club is right there!

    HK is definitely NOT NYC and I personally don't think NYC is that stroller friendly. It's just a very WALKER friendly for it's still hard to get on buses, in taxes and down to subways there. London was amazing in that respect!

    Tai Tam has been great and I must admit I do crave Central life, I know the southside is healthier living for our son and so worth the sacrifice.

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