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Kowloon Junior School

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    Red face Kowloon Junior School

    I am considering sending my little girl to ESF school from P1 but I have heard some horrible things about some ESF schools eg. bullying by older kids, teachers turn a blind eye to fights at school, kids are allowed to choose not to do their homework..etc. We live in the catchment area of KJS and hope parents with kids in the school could share their experience and comments?

    I would like to steer away from the highly competitive/stressful local curriculum yet I am afraid ESF schools are so carefree that there is not much discipline at all.

    Appreciate your help!

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    Our little guy is at an ESF school. Bullying in school can happen anywhere. I don't believe ESF will ignore it. However, have heard of cases recently in CIS and SIS where the school did turn a blind eye and the parents decided to transfer their child to an ESF school in the middle of a school term.

    Our son is in P2 and he only gets homework once a week. I think its the parents responsibility to make sure homework gets done. We normally tackle homework on Sat mornings, so our son knows that before he can do anything fun he needs to finish it. Usually doesn't take more than 30mins.

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    Thanks, Rani. So it probably depends on which ESF school it is. My friend's son goes to the one in Kowloon Tong and he often comes home with bruises and cuts, they have complained to the teachers but nothing has been done.

    I do agree that ensuring homework is done is the responsibility of parents. I believe that if the kids listen well in class, there is no need to do much homework.

    My baby is very active and I hope the teachers would teach more discipline at school. I am not sure if ESF is the right school for her...

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