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Clearblue fertility monitor and test sticks

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    Clearblue fertility monitor and test sticks

    I finally got the Clearblue Fertility Monitor from the States this month and the next thing I know, I'm now pregnant. I was so looking forward to giving this little miracle device a try. It's brand new and still in shrink wrap so if anyone wants to give it a try, I can sell it to you at cost. I also have a bunch of test sticks and pregnancy tests that I can also pass on at cost as well to anyone who wants them. Just PM me if you're interested. You cannot get this device in Hong Kong and I've heard so much great things about them online.

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    Hi i will probably want it, just need to wait until the 9th of december to do a preg. test as this week was my ovulation.
    I am trying for about 6 cycles now and using the clearblue ovulaton kit that you can buy at watsons. the second line appears but not really strong. I am wondering if this means that I am not really ovulating or I need a different device?

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