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Crying it out

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    hello everyone, am reviving this site as i am having sleep probs again with my now 1 year old....i had a very regular schedule since the past 6 months as far as sleep and milk feeds were it seems my baby enterring the toddler stage is becoming too smart too soon.....he knows exactly when i am starting to pick him up for a nap and struggles to even get inside the room....bedtime used to be a regular drink milk and sleep by himself routine which has now changed to no milk at all and struggles while putting him in his cot....his constant wails post that makes me really upset..i had started scehduling evenings out with my hubby which has also gone for a toss thanks to these tantrums......he has also stopped his 3.00pm all this normal for this phase..i am ok about the milk but what do i do to make him sleep?> should i start making him sleep by 8.00pm instead of 7.00pm? he normally wakes up 5.30 am !! these days....earlier it used to eb a nice 7.00pm to 6.30 am routine......pls. HELP!!

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    he could be ready to drop a nap? are you still putting him down for an am and pm nap? perhaps he doesn't need one or both naps anymore (some babies drop both naps after a year) and that is what is interfering with his night sleep? also consider that summer is upon us and with it earlier light (and chirping birds etc) in the mornings. perhaps this is what is causing him to wake up earlier in the am?

    by a year, most books say to drop the afternoon 3pm milk - they only need 2 milk feeds a day (300-350ml) at this age.

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