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Traces of Melamine and Cyanuric Acid in US Baby Formula

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    Traces of Melamine and Cyanuric Acid in US Baby Formula

    I am currently feeding my baby US made Enfamil Lipil produced in the US because I thought I could get away from this Melamine issue. I read a couple of articles recently on traces of melamine or it's byproduct in US made infant formula. Many articles and reports say that traces are not harmful etc, but if I had a choice to give my baby formula that contains NO melamine or cyanuric acid, why wouldn't I?

    The HK government has a spreadsheet as to which local formula they tested and found "satisfactory". What does this mean? Does satisfactory mean it's under the 1 part per million safety limit? I emailed the FEHD in HK for clarification, but haven't gotten any response from them. In addition, I asked my Paediatrician about changing formulas, but he told me the Mead Johnson issued a statement that said their Enfamil Lipil contains no Melamine, but it doesn't mention anything about cyanuric acid. So today, I just told my doctor to help me find another formula and he recommended Similac Advance.

    Now Similac Advance tested a small amount of melamine in their own test labs. I don't know if this only pertains to Similac produced in the US.

    I am in the process of switching over from Enfamil Lipil to Similac Advance Stage one produced in Spain and tested locally in HK.

    THere is such a lack of information available, I don't know what to do.

    My questions are:

    -What does "satisfactory" mean? Did the govt test for cyanuric acid too?
    -Does Similac Advance in HK have ANY melamine or cyanuric acid at all?
    -Plus what are you all feeding your babies?

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    The standard in HK for melamine in milk and baby food is 1mg/kg and for other food is 2.5mg/kg. See link at

    1mg/kg should be the same as one part per million. Please correct me if am wrong! So this seems to be the same standard as established by the FDA in US and also in Canada. See attached links:

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    Becareful mixing / changing infant formula

    Becareful when changing formula ... it looks like mixing formula containing cyanuric acid and melamine maybe dangerous:

    "She added that extra precautions needed to be taken, especially to ensure "that infants aren't getting that (melamine/cyanuric acid) combination from a variety of formula."

    FDA test results...

    Some manufacturers have done their own more rigorous testing and in some cases detected traces of melamine in products which are also tested by fda, but fda did not detect any melamine.

    "And while the FDA said tests of 18 samples of formula made by Abbott Laboratories, including its Similac brand, did not detect melamine, spokesman Colin McBean said some company tests did find the chemical. He did not identify the specific product or the number of positive tests." ... from this link...

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    I have been giving my baby Enfamil Lipil with Iron from the US since he was born which was a year ago. I've now switched to Enfamil Next Step Lipil which is the one for older kids. I don't recall websites mentioning Next Step containing cyanuric acid. Maybe you can switch to this one too?
    It is indeed getting too difficult to feed our kids with non contaminated stuff.

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