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Changing Formula

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    Changing Formula

    my girl is 9 months old and she had eczema on her face. it's still mild and i'm going to change from cow's milk to soy milk and see if it helps. just wondering if i can just switch to soy milk all at once (i.e. start drinking soy milk for all meals) or i should change to soy milk gradually, say 1 meal of soy milk on the first day and 2 meals on the 2nd day, etc?

    anyone tried isomil? i find it a a bit too sweet comparing to her previous cow's milk (Beanstalk from Japan). it's not surprised to see her finishing the whole bottle just like any other days.

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    We switched from NanHA to Frisolac when our boy was around 9 months also because of eczema. Noticed significantly less incidents of flare ups since he turned 1, not sure if it's because of the soy milk or simply because he's growing out of it. Our boy refused to take Prosobee but liked Frisolac the first time he tasted it so we just kept giving it to him. It was an easy switch.

    Beware when you introduce new foods. Our boy had a pretty bad case of reaction to eggs, he had terrible flare ups all over the body and threw up few times a few minutes after eating egg yolk. That was when he was around 9 months. He is now 2 yrs, can eat cooked eggs but still get flare ups if he is in contact with raw eggs. Also, though he is kind of eczema-free, his skin is extremely dry. We have to cover him in oil, real oil - coconut oil, olive oil to prevent his skin from cracking.

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