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Any massive drop-out at international schools?

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    Any massive drop-out at international schools?

    Not sure if the same topic has been discussed these days at GeoBaby before.

    i would like to hear from parents of kids studying at international schools in Hong Kong whether there have been massive drop-out due to cut-down on jobs as a result of the financial tsunami (e.g. expatriates were laid off and had to return to the home country with their kids).

    anyway, the drop-out situation may get worse as various sources have confirmed that the economy won't be promising in the coming 1 or 2 years.

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    The standard had a front page article on its paper couple of weeks ago, most schools said that there not any particular increase in dropouts. But in our preschool there has been some students who have left in the middle. But I dont know if that is a significant no.

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    None that I know of.
    Preschool children tend to be more 'moveable' - in that mum and dad can up and leave pretty easily. Less easy to do if your child is in P6, or about to take GCSEs or the IB!
    You could have 15%-20% drop outs and still have huge waiting lists for every ESF/International/DSS School in HK.

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