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Anybody's kids attending PM classes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HK2008 View Post
    I feel so good while reading you ladies replies. Thank you very much indeed as they gave me a lot of encouragement. I won't worry any more about my daughter not being able to be in the 'normal' class. And TeamNZ, I also would like my daughter to learn a little bit of Cantonese. It'll be pretty convenient to communicate locally esp. when ordering dishes in restaurants, etc:)
    i've been here almost 14 years and would love to help you order dishes in the restaurant...

    fancy having dim sum on friday?

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    My son's present schedule is likely MamaShirley.

    He gets an offer of PM session in September intake.
    If so, how can I shift his scheduel to fit into PM session.

    Please share.

    Quote Originally Posted by MamaShirley View Post
    Hi, I really think AM or PM depends on the schedule of your child. For example, my child usually gets up around 7:30-8am and goes to bed around 9:30pm, and takes 3-3.5 hr nap from 1-4pm, so you see, PM class is definitely out of question for us, she would be so cranky in the PM class. So I guess as long as the class fits your child's schedule, there is really no "normal" or un-normal class.

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