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what choice would u make?

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    pearldots is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2006

    Thanku all so much for ur replies....

    And there is still one more thing that i would like to ask here........would u consider a maid that has terminated her contract?????i was shocked to see (both filipinos and indonesians) so many of them their with their broken contracts.....and if u asked them their employers ref or number,obviously they refuse....!!

    i somehow think its better to hire one with the finished contract....what about u????

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    MeowMeow is offline Registered User
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    If I'm you, I would like to hear both sides of their stories (helper & previous employers).

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    AndreaY is offline Registered User
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    We terminated our helper of 8 years cos she drove away 3 helpers had last straw was when she had a physical fight with 4th helper we hired. However, we still gave her pretty good references over the phone to potential employers, cos apart from not getting along with anther helper, she was quite good. We did not mention anything about the fist fight, but warned that she could not really get along with another helper.

    Anyway, what I am trying to say is that unless the helper really is terrible and terminated, I would still give an ok reference. So, I would definitely ask for references. Think you'd be able to tell if it's been deliberately made to sound bad out of spite.

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    jube is offline Registered User
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    Re terminated DH, I agree with MeowMeow, if the DH passes your interview but is planning to terminate, find out both sides of the story.

    Since we have a dog, prior to having our baby, we use to walk the dog each night together and of course, hang out with other neighbourhood dogs who were being walked by their helpers. Most of the helpers we met were lovely and friendly, however, there were cases where helpers wanted to terminate and it wasn't necessarily their fault.

    I have heard horror stories like employers not paying their helpers on time and expecting helpers to pay for groceries, yet still owe the helper 2 - 4 months pay! I think this is a good reason to terminate if you are supporting a family in the Philippines and only making $3500 a month. I have also heard stories of local families who give their helpers $300 food allowance and expect the helpers to feed themselves 3 meals a day for a month. That's only $10 a day! That's a big ask! There are also families who buy the groceries and do not allow the helper to go out and buy groceries but only supply the helper with dinner. What is the helper suppose to do for breakfast & lunch if there is nothing in the house?

    Granted alot of this is communication and there are probably many other examples of issues, you should always ask to get both sides of the story and not assume that there is an issue with the helper.

    When interviewing helpers, I chose not to use an agency but focus on recommendations and helpers whose contracts were about to finish. Even with this, you need to ask them why their contract is not being renewed and also ask their previous employers. You may find that after the 4th year, local employers do not want to keep the helper as they would then need to pay long service.

    Work out what your key criteria are (ours was really the baby first, keeping areas where the baby would be clean and then cooking, the dog etc). We also wanted newborn experience, doggie experience, someone with common sense and someone who spoke and understood English. If someone cannot understand what you say then they won't really know what they need to do and vice versa.

    We asked everyone to fill in a basic application form (to ensure that they could read & write, which you need when it comes to giving your kids medicines etc), created a list of 20+ questions to ask everyone ranging from basic home security questions to real life situations that could occur (eg. if someone rang the buzzer but no one is expected, do you let them in? or if the baby takes the dogs toys, what would you do?). There isn't necessarily a right or wrong answer for some of these questions but it is important that a) they understand the question and b) they have an answer that is somewhat common sense. You would be amazed how many people could not answer our questions. Given my husband & i both work, we really needed to ensure that we could trust our newborn at home with this person.

    At the end of the day, communication is key and finding someone who meets your needs. If you can't find anyone, just keep looking until you do but when you find that person, you may need to move fast because if they are good, they are likely going to be hired by someone very quickly!

    Good luck!

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