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Stuck in mid-levels...PLEASE HELP!

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    sherwes is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2007

    It is really tough adjustment moving from somewhere stroller friendly to HK. I felt very trapped as well for he first little while. The best advice is to post something on this website looking for other mums who live in the area. That way your wife can meet up with them and get the local knowledge. Also, you do get used to the steps. I am an expert at getting my stroller up and down steps now and think nothing of it. When I arrived the steps really daunted me.

    From Robinson Rd you can walk to the Botanical Gardens. There is a big playground there that is usually busy. It's also a quick taxi ride to HK park which is nice to walk around (take the baby sling though as there a lots of steps). If you walk down the road that runs alongside the Robinson Rd Wellcome you can go down to Caine Rd - no steps. Caine Rd has a few coffee shops so your wife could go for lunch and take the baby. Also, from Caine Rd you can enter the Universal Trade Centre where the Gymboree classes are held.

    The other suggestion I would have is to buy a baby backpack (Phil & Teds make one). We have one and my husband can just put baby in the backpack and we can walk down the steps for weekend brunch in Soho. These are more for the 8 month+ age group though (when they are getting a bit heavy for the Baby Bjorn).

    It is a real learning process but in a couple of months your wife will learn the places to go, which routes to take etc and make friends. Finally, to answer your question as to how mums get around, a lot of people pop the baby in a Baby Bjorn and jump in a taxi. They are cheap and plentiful and nowhere is too far away on HK island.

    Best of luck.

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    MilkMonster is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2007

    Through Geobaby I was able to meet up with informal playgroups right in my area so I wouldn't have to travel far. You might try posting to see if there are other parents in your area who would like to meet for a coffee/playdate. I too live in midlevels and could walk to most of the playgroups. I chose not to use the stroller and would carry the baby. with 2 kids now i often carry both if i am going to playgroup - that or hop into a taxi.

    it's a really big adjustment to move to HK from other baby/stroller friendly countries. Especially as new parents it must be nerve racking!! Trust that you will eventually feel more confident to take the stroller onto the big roads where there are cars and used to scare me but I got used to it, you will too.

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    AussieMum is offline Registered User
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    Dear Daddy of the Year (funny - my husbands name too!), I have an 11 month old and we get out every day, not only for my daughter sanity but mine as well. Although I have no association with Geobaby except posting a lot of threads, I have this website to thank for all the many mums I have met. I don't actually live in Midlevels, but close by in Pokfulam, but I don't think location really limits the contact/ playgroups. I have done some of the following, and you find that you meet many from others.
    - post a thread under 'meet and greet' seeking other same age bubs in midlevels (or where ever your preference);
    - check your wifes 'due dates club' under the meet and greet section, and post a thread asking to join;
    - maybe when bubs gets a bit older, get involved in various centres like Gymboree, Kindamusik, Pandajunction, Kindyroo, Pekip etc (my daughter just loves these);
    - many play rooms to visit, Wisekids in Cyberport is fantastic;
    - Not sure what complex you live in, but go to the play room if they have one, stop and speak to other parents pushing prams around there, etc and ask them questions about what they do. Some complex's even have their own bubs group;
    - Get involved in any associations possible. I am involved with Aust. Association in Hong Kong who have a bubs group (Mums and Dads welcome) run fortnightly. Although there are many Aussies, we also have many other nationalities come, and any age form newborn upto around 2.
    Make sure you BOTH get out and meet people. I beleive it is just as important for Dad and Mum to meet fellow parents. If you get stuck, or want a starting point, you or your wife are welcome to PM me for further details, or for a catch up. My husband and I only arrived around 4 months ago and know what it is like to be new to HK (bit scary when you come from a pram friendly environment to here, and don't know anyone).
    All the best & Good luck

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    LeahH is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong, Mid Levels

    The Peak is also great, hop in a taxi with the stroller then walk around the top of the mountain - fab views. You can actually walk all the way down the mountain on a paved walkway to Robinson Road (follow the signs for Hatton Road), but it's quite steep in parts so a wrist strap for the stroller is required! Walking up is possible if you are up for some excercise.... It's a great walk for the two of you at the weekend - my husband and I would go for lunch at the Peak Lookout then walk back down to the midlevels all the time.

    There is also a mother and baby group at the Matilda Hospitality at the Peak on Thursday mornings, all the mums used to go for lunch at Cafe Deco afterwards which was great for me when our bub was newborn.

    Everyone who has replied is spot on - you get used to the streets and steps eventually, becoming expert in knowing how to get from A to B with a minimum of bother

    Does you wife drive? That really opens up a world of possiblities - a car is not a necessity in HK, but we've found it really useful.

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    Matty is offline Registered User
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    Sai Kung

    I remember the midlevels being a bit loud and overwhelming for my newborn.
    The best thing is to use a carrier, like a baby bjorn or an ergo while they are very small.

    Once they get a bit older they usually love the stimulation and activity of the city.
    My son used to love being carried around in the baby bjorn everyday, just checking out the sights and sounds of Soho.

    If you use a smaller and lighter stroller, it will definatley make things easier too.

    Get your wife to check out the babygroups at Annerley Midwives and Matilda Hospital, they were a godsend for me.

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