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Frozen v. Fresh food

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    actually, they aren't that bad... they have a familiar taste that i can't place, but more than a touch is too much for me.

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    MLBW Guest

    Must be a British thing, maybe?

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    Absolutely....along with the dry sense of humour which led me to say it in the first place.(I really need to learn that forums don't portray the twinkle in your eye - it's going to get me in trouble one day!)
    All above said with a smile and a twinkle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geomum View Post
    Thanks MLBW you have provided me with a wealth of info about buying organic straight from the local farmers. I will be going to the Organic Vegetable Market at Star Ferry Pier tomorrow and also ordering from the Organic Garden Veggie Van :)
    I went to the Organic veggie market at Star Ferry yesterday. It was so refreshing to actually smell REAL veggies, (especially ginger, mint and strawberries :))).
    I personally feel that even the Organic veggies in supermarkets don't smell what real veggies do. Please don't misread me here, I buy veggies from supermarkets all the time, and consider them healthy :)
    We have a big veggie garden back home, and since I was a kid I used to pick my own veggies and grow some too in a little patch my grandpa used to alot us.
    The prices however were little bit high, but I think its fair considering the hard work the farmer puts in to grow and transport his produce. Also there were only 4-5 stalls only, more than enough stuff for me actually. So incase you go there sometime please don't expect anything fancy or you'll be disappointed. I was very happy :))

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    We tried to organize a Strawberry picking trip last Easter. Unfortunately it got canceled because of the weather. Details here:

    Things to do over Easter?

    Here's the website

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    MLBW Guest

    Looked that's not the same place that I was referring to but probably is quite close by. Anyway....lots of fun...of course I'm familiar with the ones by our house but I think there are quite a few places like that out here.

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    Have to agree with wanfamily.
    I do love a Branston pickle and cheese sandwich.

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    I've been to Tai Tong Lychee Valley, it's interesting and they are certified organic. It's more geared towards schools for field trips though.

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