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Helper or childcare/playgroup

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    anyone has any recommendation on a good helper or one that can do part time for Jan. 3x a week?

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    great play group for tod

    There is a woman that has playgroup for young childrens.
    it take place in two venues
    you can call her for details



    Quote Originally Posted by sannie View Post
    I realised that there seems to be a lack of childcare where babies/young toddlers can go to without an adult staying with them. I am not keen on a helper being the sole caregiver given the horror stories I've heard and what I have seen of the care (in playgrounds etc). Moreover, these helpers are not trained professionals in childcare/childhood development. I had a balance of both when I worked here in France, DD is taken care of in the mornings by a nanny and then after she has her lunch, the nanny takes her to the daycare where she takes her nap and then do lots of activities in the center (painting, edible dough, colouring, crafts, story time, outdoor play etc). She started at 7mths when it was more just playing with the different toys etc to really benefiting from the activities around 1ish year old. She did however made her first hand printing art at 9mths in the center.

    When we get to HK, my DD will go to school but I have number 2 DS to worry about. He will be about 6mths old. Is there any options aside from a helper if I work? Is there a possibility of doing what I did with DD, have a nanny come in the morning (or even keep a helper for it) and then send DS to a daycare/playgroup/childcare center in the afternoons? I would like one where the carer:child ratio is max at 1:5 and the carers are trained professionals. Here in France, they have to go through at least 1 year in training/school. And if this does not exist, can you tell me your personal experience with helpers being sole caregivers in the day and how you manage them.
    Thank you.

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