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1st pregnancy - Anxious!

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    Don't waste your money; you're either lucky or you're not where stretch marks are concerned. Think the best way to avoid them is to eat sensibly and try, if you can, to keep your weight gaining at a constant rate and within parameters.

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    i NEVER had any problems with BF either or my babies in the public hospital. i just made it known that i REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to BF.

    i had two c-sections and although it hurt afterwards, the pain killers that they gave me worked VERY well and i had no problems picking up my baby to BF. if i did have problems, i simply called for a nurse to help. they always came and assisted.

    with my first, i NEVER used the nursery. with my second, i had no choice as i had general anesthesia (not an epi or spinal) and could not physically keep my eyes open. but even so, the nurses would come and wake me up to BF if i slept too long and other than the first two feedings when there was NO WAY i could BF after waking from the GA, my daughter was exclusively BF for the first 6 months.

    to anyone considering giving birth in the public hospital, what you need to know is this:

    1) remember that the staff is all over worked and underpaid.
    2) make sure that YOU ask any questions and not wait for someone to explain every procedure
    3) make sure that YOU make your wishes known
    4) remember that every pregnancy is different as is every delivery. there is NO one "right way" to do it. if you choose a natural delivery, it doesn't make you any better or worse than someone who chooses to have a c-section
    5) remember that you can plan every aspect of the delivery and know exactly what you want and then when the moment comes it all goes out the window for one reason or another. this doesn't mean that your "birth" is ruined.

    and lastly:
    6) REMEMBER THAT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THE SAFE ARRIVAL OF YOUR LITTLE ONE... nothing else REALLY matters! (except of course, your own health)

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    Dear Murefa, to answer your question about calling the doctor, my doctor Dr.Lam Man Ho at Maritime Square has no problem with you calling him, when I was at the clinic I got his busness card and my husband and I had to call him on his cell phone twice already because we had some problems with bleeding. He doesnt mind at all and he says that THAT is what he is here for. I do agree with your husband about having a doctor close to where you live, and that is why I choose Maritime Square because its such a short MTR ride from Tung Chung. I actually didnt know there was a doctor at Tung Chung for pregnancy, I was referred to my doctor by Quality health care at tung chung. How far along are you and when is your due date? You will need to hurry if you want to go private as it is hard to reserve the space in Hong Kong and you need to do it right away.

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    I use belli products too and love the way they smell and feel. I'm pregnant now, so can't say until later whether or not the oil worked, but I had bad acne and their face wash really helped clear it up. It was the only acne wash I could find that is safe for pregnant ladies- the main ingredient is lactic acid. I bought a bunch of the other products because I was so satisfied!

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